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Ethical Finance 2021 Day 3 is live

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The third day of the virtual summit will explore ethical finance beyond sustainability, looking at the broader SDGs, social issues (the often overlooked ‘S’ in ESG), leadership and governance.

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The Economics of Biodiversity | Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta

Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta talks about the publication of his global review on the Economics of Biodiversity, better known as The Dasgupta Review. During this interview with Bloomberg’s Greg Ritchie, he calls for a ‘World Bank on Biodiversity’.

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Investment and Capital Markets

Investing money for both profit and purpose is a challenge. Here speakers discuss how it can be achieved and the barriers to doing so.

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Rethinking Capitalism

Capitalism is under fire. Is the current system compatible with the health of the planet? Is there a better economic system? Are we using the wrong measures for growth? Is the invisible hand of the market a valid solution? Big ideas here.

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This year, the most important climate conference since Paris takes place in Glasgow. The finance sector will play a leading role at the summit and determining the future of our planet.

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Faith and Finance

Religious institutions are influential in informing value systems and the moral landscape. They also control large amounts of capital. What role does faith have in finance and the creation of a fair and sustainable economy?

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Nature and Biodiversity

While climate change steals the headlines, biodiversity loss has the potential to be every bit as catastrophic. How can finance address this, what measures are already being taken and what risks are there to the financial system?

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Impact Investing

Impact investing is a growth market. But what are the implications to investments and is it sustainable? Is it a path to a fairer and healthier planet?

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The vast majority do not know where their pensions are invested. Pension providers have a responsibility to keep money safe. How do we educate on the power of pensions and what are the challenges for creating a responsible portfolio?

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Data, Disclosures & Reporting

Measuring everything from carbon emissions to the social impacts of our financial actions is essential to deal with the global challenges we face. What do we need to do to get this right?

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Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals set out the blueprint for a fair and sustainable future. What role does the financial sector have to play in achieving the goals and how can it fund them?

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Governance and Stewardship

The responsibility that comes with residing over others money cannot be understated. How we can tackle the challenge of keeping money safe and simultaneously investing in a responsible future?

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