EFx is the global home of ethical finance.

Established in Edinburgh, a centre of the ethical finance movement, EFx encourages sharing innovative thinking on how we can meet the challenges facing us in the future.

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Our Mission

Create a platform that develops finance into a force for good.

With its resources and pool of talent, finance must play a leading role in the global response to the climate emergency, biodiversity loss and poverty.

We created EFx because we believe that by providing a platform for the most progressive ideas in finance, we can create the change the world needs. EFx features insights from the leading thinkers who want to shake up the world and revolutionise capitalism.

Latest Initiatives

As a global leader in advocacy and mobilising the financial services sector that was founded in Scotland, having COP26 being hosted in Glasgow in 2021 presents an unprecedented opportunity for GEFI and our stakeholders to come together to address the global climate emergency.

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When people are asked about investors, the first thought for many is the traders in London, Edinburgh or New York who buy and sell shares every day. But every individual with a pension is an investor, even though they may not necessarily think of themselves as one.

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Bringing together industry champions from finance, insurance, consumer goods companies and standard-setting regulators to the series aims to drive practical commitments on investing in nature.

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