The Finance for Nature Virtual Global Series, delivered by UNDP, UNEP, the Scottish Government-backed Global Ethical Finance Initiative, the New York Declaration on Forests Global Platform and Climate Advisers will accelerate momentum on nature-based finance in advance of the UN Climate and Biodiversity COPs in 2021.

Bringing together industry champions from finance, insurance, consumer goods companies and standard-setting regulators to the series aims to drive practical commitments on investing in nature.

With scientific evidence continuing to reinforce the severity of climate change, the potential disruption and financial implications have risen to the top of the agenda for governments, financial institutions and businesses across the globe. Nature-based solutions, defined as actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore nature to tackle socio-environmental challenges, can provide more than a third of the climate mitigation needed to meet carbon emission goals set in the Paris Agreement.

But the question remains: how deeply do existing pledges and policies include actionable targets and budgets for nature and forests?

This series will commence with a session aimed at positioning nature at the forefront of economic recovery from COVID-19 and for the long-term well-being of people and the planet. The expert presenters will showcase how the finance community can work across coalitions to accelerate nature-friendly investments in developing countries on the frontline to unlock the climate and biodiversity crisis and ensure green economic recovery. The second session in the series will provide a rich dialogue on how nature can be embedded in ESG risk disclosure and solutions and as an exciting investment opportunity that delivers prosperity for climate, nature and people.

Welcome to the Finance for Nature Virtual Global Series! From this page you can:

  • Download background information and key documents for the event
  • Access the link to join the Series sessions on Zoom
  • Watch the video recordings of each session


From 20-21 July 2020 at 9am EST / 2pm BST, this Series will:

  • Explore “why” and “how” nature should be included in the finance and green recovery agenda for planet and prosperity.
  • Facilitate a silo-breaking conversation on the role of private capital and corporations in building the momentum for the substantive inclusion of nature at COP26 to amplify ambition and action for green recovery investments and policies.
  • Provide a testing ground for ideas and actions that will mobilize investors and asset owners to “green” their portfolios and shift investments to be deforestation-free, as current business and financing practices have exacerbated biodiversity and nature loss.
  • Spotlight COVID-19 economic recovery instruments, deals and programming that are designed with sustainability as a priority.