Driving finance for positive environmental change

2021 - Glasgow, Scotland

GEFI - The Path to COP26

As a global leader in advocacy and mobilising the financial services sector that was founded in Scotland, having COP26 being hosted in Glasgow in 2021 presents an unprecedented opportunity for GEFI and our stakeholders to come together to address the global climate emergency.

The coronavirus pandemic – which led to the postponement of COP26 – has exposed the fragility of our planet and its people. With health security emerging as a top global priority, it is critical that this is considered in conjunction with, rather than in isolation of, the climate emergency. As such, all efforts to rebuild more resilient economies must support the transition toward a greener, net-zero planet. The extended run into COP26 now presents an opportunity to mobilise wider and deeper commitments to drive climate action.

To help build momentum towards the climate summit, all existing and planned GEFI activities throughout 2020 and 2021 will be aligned to COP26 as part of an Integrated campaign entitled “The Path to COP26”. This will include events planned in London, USA, GCC, and Asia, alongside our premier global ethical finance summit (Ethical Finance 2020) that convenes annually in Edinburgh, which will be run as a virtual summit in October 2020. A number of side events will also be held during the COP26 period in Glasgow focused on climate finance.

Ensure your organisation is part of the UK’s largest gathering of global leaders with over 30,000 participants coming to Glasgow in November 2021

The Campaign Aims to:


Provide a platform to connect and share knowledge, ideas and best practice.


Engage with financial institutions and organisations to amplify the pressing need for climate action.


Assist the financial sector to accelerate practical efforts to tackle climate change by signing up to relevant agendas.

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