The Radical Old Idea is a platform inspired by the historic Scottish enlightenment that seeks to inform a new and better financial paradigm. The periodic intellectual gathering of financial services stakeholders will explore innovative (radical) ideas that deliver positive financial and economic outcomes for the benefit of society.


Rethinking Capitalism

As economic growth continues to polarise and place greater demands on the world’s natural resources, policy makers and economic thinkers from across the globe are now re-examining the historic belief that only unfettered financial markets deliver the best outcomes for all society.  The Radical Old Idea will focus on exploring areas of systemic change within the economy through world leading experts sharing insights and engaging in an informed and thoughtful debate.

Scotland - A Proud Heritage

From Adam Smith, renowned as the father of modern economics, to the Reverend Henry Duncan, founder of the world’s first commercial savings bank, Scotland has been a pioneer in financial innovation and the development of professional standards.