Make My Money Matter | Richard Curtis, Steve Waygood & Diandra Soobiah | Ethical Finance 2020

How can your pension save the world? Richard Curtis, the filmmaker behind Love Actually, Bridget Jones, Comic Relief and more, explains the motive behind his campaign Make My Money Matter. Many of us don’t think of ourselves as investors, yet our pensions are invested – on our behalf – to provide a future for our retirement. Of course these pensions need to make money, but they also need to make sue there is a habitable planet by the time we retire.

Richard is joined by two top sustainable investing experts from the UK pension industry. Diandra Soobiah, from the UK’s largest pension provider NEST, and Steve Waygood of Aviva Investors, who explain the need for a “Marshall Plan for the Planet”, a comprehensive investment plan to overhaul capital stock towards low-carbon technology while protecting the livelihoods of ordinary people.


Ethical Finance 2020 (EF2020) will convene the world’s foremost business, political, civic and social leaders for a virtual summit to network, share, co-develop and shape a fairer, more sustainable financial system. The annual Ethical Finance summit is organised by the Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI), which coordinates a series of programmes to promote finance for positive change.

It is now widely recognised that the financial services sector has a fundamental role to play in delivering universally supported targets such as the Paris Agreement and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, as well as supporting economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite its potential, the current financial system can be a cause – rather than a solution – to some of the pressing challenges our planet and its people currently face. Ethical Finance 2020 explored how the finance services can support inclusive economic growth without depleting natural resources or leaving anyone behind.

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