The ESG Enlightenment

Can finance deliver lasting benefits for society?

Keith Skeoch, former CEO of Standard Life Aberdeen & current Non-executive Chairman of the Aberdeen Standard Investments Research Institute joined us for the latest in our Radical Old Idea series, a platform inspired by the historic Scottish enlightenment to explore ideas that deliver positive financial and economic outcomes for the benefit of society.

In an interview with Kaisie Rayner, Climate Change Lead at Royal London, Keith discussed the factors behind the ‘ESG Enlightenment’ that has taken place in the past few years, as socially and environmentally aware finance has moved from the margins to the mainstream.

He examined how the finance system can be a force for lasting good, drawing upon philosophers from Smith to Sandel, and ask how we can go beyond regulation to create a culture of personal responsibility for ethical behaviour in finance, promoting good governance and supporting the transition to a sustainable economy.

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